Mary here, just thinking about how to make this blog interesting and to provide some insight into double handing a sailboat in the Pacific ocean ... but first a little history.

During the 2017 Oregon Offshore, Doug Frost and Doug Pihlaja asked if I would be on standby in case one of them was unable to complete their double handed Pacific Cup race. I figured nothing was going to happen to anybody and said that I would be in. Then the worst happened when Doug Frost was injured and was not able to participate. A few days later I got the call from Doug Pihlaja. I contemplated the invite for a few days, talked to my family, and then said yes. This is followed by several days of feeling that I was one step from throwing up. After all; Double handed? Just two people on a boat for over 2000 miles of racing? Who does this?

Since then every member of our Onshore and Offshore racing team has been spending hours upon hours getting the boat and the team ready to race. For Doug this is been a full-time job it seems.

The Oregon Offshore and International Swiftsure were not without their challenges, but in the end successful and a lot of fun. Yesterday we said goodbye to our team and Doug, Gail, and I continued to prep the boat for a trip down the coast.

Solar panels, the auto helm, and the elusive beanbag chair are now all on board. There are still some issues, but we’re headed out in the morning. Directly after finishing the Swiftsure we wrapped spinnaker sheet around the prop shaft. All hands responded quickly while we threw out an anchor before drifting into the rocks in the harbor. Another finishing boat gave us a tow to the check-in dock where we spent the night. It looked pretty bad at the time but once things were unwrapped the engine idled pretty well. We will see tomorrow if there’s been any damage that will have to be taken care of. Fingers crossed this will not change our plans.

My nerves have settled a bit but the next 4 days we will be working out the bugs and settling in...